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Online Registration Is Open
If you have created a church login in previous years but have forgotten that password, please email and you will be sent that information. Also, each time you login you will be asked to select either Session1 or Session2. Please make a final decision on which session your church will attend before you begin registering any campers.


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If you're new to our registration system then...


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Are you attending Kamp but don't have a church to register with? Please contact the Registrar to get signed up for your session.


Email Registrar

Email Webmaster




Steps to Register

1)  If you're new to Kidz Kamp, create your church login by clicking the top button on the left.  Write down the login & password you select.  The registrar will email you once you're approved to register campers.

2)  Come back to this page and click the "Login" button.  You will be able to add, edit, and delete campers & sponsors from your list right up until Kidz Kamp.

3)  Check to make sure the information is correct for each camper & sponsor.